June 2017

Welcome to our First Bumper Summer edition. Ok, Late Spring/Early Summer, depending on whom you consult. The Met Office say June 1st, but astronomically, it’s...oh never mind.

We’re here! And it’s a bumper edition with some 20+ pages of editorial and 10 pages of listings. Thats about 50% up on our average, so give it up for contributors and listings guys. We have deliberately held this edition back to get an interview with Laura McMillan, the City of Culture Bid manager as she finds time to talk about what they are doing and why. But don’t let her title mislead you - she and her team are driving this 2021 bid forward relentlessly.

Also, don’t miss our cover star ‘Judge Roughneck’ a.k.a. Neville Staple as he talks openly and candidly about his hugely varied life and career. Elsewhere, articles on the late Brian Matthews, Delia Derbyshire at 80 feat. Jerry Dammers and Sonic Boom, plus loads and loads of spotlights on our thriving local music and arts scene.

Did I say we needed more advertisers? Well we do! Come on….

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